Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day of Caring (Recap)

Day of Caring was so awesome that it deserves two blog posts!

We had volunteers working high... 
 (repairing and painting the ceiling)

...and low...
 (staining the new water well for the Virginia Heritage Area)

(cleaning the inside of A-Mazing Airways)

 ...and outside!
 (washing windows)

Our incredible volunteers got so much done, from cleaning all of the walls and exhibits in the front gallery to some substantial construction in the back gallery. As Jamie told me when we were looking for yet another clean brush, "Everyone and their dog is painting!" and today everything looks great with its fresh coat.

Another huge shout out to our volunteer groups, from DIA (who left before we took a group picture) and these smiling faces from UVA Pharmacy. 

Thank you all! You are awesome!

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