Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Camps

The VDM staff has been hard at work creating our best camp line up yet and we just can’t wait for summer to start! Don’t miss out on your chance to share in the good times… call to register today. This summer, the Virginia Discovery Museum will host seven interactive and educational summer camps. All camps are for children ages 4-7 and run Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm. These fun-filled camps are $150 for members and $190 for non-members. To register, call 434-977-1025 and ask for Diana or email vdmprograms@vadm.org. Sign up today!

June 24-28: We’re Going on a Trip in our Favorite Rocket Ship -Not quite old enough for NASA’s camp? Come learn about the final frontier while building your own rocket and practicing to be an astronaut. We’ll make a model of our solar system and blast off on a trip of our own!

July 8-12: Underwater Explorations - Let’s take a dive in our very own bathysphere and investigate the mysteries of the deep! We will explore the oceans and marine life through thrilling science experiments and make our own versions of oceanic creatures.

July 15-19: Myths and Legends - From Hercules and Medusa to Bigfoot, join us to learn about the myths and legends of yesterday and today. We will be diving into the lake of the Loch Ness Monster and flying high into the sky with Pegasus. Learn all about a world of magic and mystery!

July 22-26: Art Detectives - Put on your detective hats and get out your magnifying glasses! Let’s discover why the Mona Lisa smiles and which artist painted a masterpiece on his back. We will solve clues and investigate popular artists and styles, creating our very own masterpieces along the way.

July 29-August 2: European Adventures - Let’s travel to a different country each day! Trekking across the continent, we will look at art, taste food, and discover what makes each country unique.

August 5-9: Welcome to Broadway- Do you love to dress up and put on plays? Let’s put on a show! Come be in the spotlight as we build a set, design costumes, and act out our own script.

August 12-16: Sailing the Seven Seas - Ahoy matey! Let’s look through the spyglass to learn about Blackbeard and his crew. We are going to swab the deck and batten down the hatches as we go in search of buried treasure.