Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Art Show in the Program Room!

For the next month, the Program Room of the Virginia Discovery Museum will be hosting the solo exhibition of local artist, Jesse Wells. Her show, which consists of pen, gouache, and gesso on paper, highlights the “dynamics between individuals and the moments of ambivalence through which they understand the world.” Wells presents figures interacting with each other or standing alone, but all are on a “quest to navigate each other, in search of what is good.”

In this show, her work centers on the interaction between young adolescents and the innocent way in which they view the world around them. She also focuses on their, perhaps naïve, relationships with each other. As said by Wells, she “teases out the moments of naïve and dangerous exploration – actions that come from an innocent place that might still bring about irrevocable knowledge.” Come down to the museum to view this new and original show. If you wish to purchase any works, please ask a staff member or email the artist at jesskawells@gmail.com.

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