Friday, October 8, 2010

Dynamic Grace - A new art show in the Program Room of the Virginia Discovery Museum

Amanda Johnson

I have always been drawn to nests and their divine design. That something so small, and presumably simple-minded as a bird, has the innate ability to create such an incredibly complex and developed masterpiece of strands, sticks, and everything in between. Amazing! Initially, this show was planned as a series of nests and eggs. But on a particular evening this summer, when the sky was clear and full of stars, I was taken by an impulse to incorporate the moon’s phases. It was then that I discovered the relationship that eggs have with the lunar cycle. Call it synchronicity. Approximately the same amount of time is taken for an egg’s gestation period as it takes the moon to move through a revolution of phases. More research ensued and biodynamics transpired. This collection of works develops a particular interest in the relationship of organism and environment; divine energy and grace.

All of my work begins with a significant image, color, or texture. After deciding on a medium, I trust my art to take me where it leads. My hope is that my finished product describes this experience to my audience. My painting process is a collection of layers, glazes of color, and an array of textures that have come about along the way. I pour on polymer medium, slather on pastes and gels, stain surfaces, scratch surfaces, and sand surfaces. I force things to dry, to move, and to blend. There aren’t really any rules or expectations when I paint. I just let the flow take over. In the past ten years, I’ve spent time exploring pen and ink, ceramics, woodworking, encaustic, watercolor, and acrylic painting. Anything could be on the horizon.

Amanda currently resides and paints in Crozet.
She has an ever-growing collection of nests and eggs.

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