Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Continuum - A New Exhibition in the Program Room

"For years, the circle has meant everything, and nothing to me, all at once."

-Shana R. Goetsch
Once again, the Program Room at the Virginia Discovery Museum has been transformed into a modern art gallery by the watercolor paintings of local artist, Shana R. Goetsch.

Goetsch aims to highlight the complexity of the circle by exposing the many layers and flaws found within its simple shape. She focuses on the paradox of the circle as "a single tension that holds countless other tensions; it alludes to life, the human body, nature, and religion." The circle serves as her muse for her abstract watercolor paintings whether they represent a barely audible "Whisper" or a manic "Deluge".
These works, on display from August 3-22, can be viewed at any time. The Program Room is open at all times whether for a summer camp, a weekly program, or for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy the exhibition and let Goetsch abstract watercolors inspire you as you walk through the museum. The paintings are also for sale, so please contact a Staff member if you are interested in purchasing a beautiful work of art.
Thank you so much to Shana R. Goetsch for sharing her works. To view more of the artist's work and her blog, please click here: http://www.artinshanaty.blogspot.com/.

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