Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Four Corners of the World - New Back Gallery Exhibition

Four Corners of the World
May 9 - September 13, 2009

Behold wonders of the natural world as you travel through four unique environments; the rain forest, the desert, the arctic and the ocean. Each corner has fun and educational hands-on activities for children to enteract with. In the rain forest try to find all the forest creatures hidden in the trees, in the desert make a fossil rubbing or go on a safari in the kid-sized Jeep, in the arctic pretend to be a penquin as you slide down the iceburg, and in the ocean count all the animals you see in the coral reef! There are many other activities to do as well, like dressing up as animals from all four habitats and reading books about each different area.
We hope to see you soon!

Sponsored by Peace Frogs and the David Greenewalt Charitable Trust

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